Help Lick Family Violence

“Help Lick Family Violence” is one way we support victims of domestic abuse and violence. Local parishes hold events and collect goods or monetary donations for local domestic abuse/violence shelters. Donations are made in exchange for suckers or hard candy…help ‘lick’ family violence by holding an event in your parish! Be sure to share your success with the OACCW by sending us a report that is available from your parish or deanery president.

Walking with Moms in Need

Walking with Moms in Need is a time of service in which Catholic parishes and communities “walk in the shoes” of local pregnant and parenting women in need. Everyone should know how to help moms in difficult circumstances.
While not trying to turn Catholic parishes into pregnancy centers, we can support local pregnancy centers where they exist, and we can also find and share other resources with pregnant and parenting women. And where there are few local resources, we can create our own, based on the gifts of the parish community! We hope you and your parish will join us in Walking with Moms in Need.


Christ Child Society

The National Christ Child Society, through its chapters, is dedicated to serving children in need of resources, regardless of race, or creed.

Founded by Mary Virginia Merrick, known today as a pioneer in American Catholic social reform, the National Christ Child Society makes a difference in the lives of the young. Each of our chapters’ programs is tailored to the needs of their community. Although many Christ Child chapters serve children in the same ways, the local organizations lead the way, and their members set the tone for how to accomplish their goals.

The OACCW supports the Christ Child Society by helping to put together layettes for babies in need, especially by providing board books.